All About Healthy Foods

All About Healthy Foods

All About Healthy Foods Holdings, LLC was created in December 2017 to centralize and focus the AFT Holdings investment portfolio and strategic partnerships operating in the space of healthy, sustainable, functional, value-based foods for today and in the future.

This portfolio leverages existing product groups while also creating a new, broader range of products and services based on well-being proteins and functional foods. Our vision is a long-term sustainable resource to support growing populations around the world.

Healthy. Sustainable. Good for you and the world.

Our Brands:

Atlantic Natural Foods, LLC – Nashville North Carolina

Atlantic Natural Foods oversees and manages the group’s operations. This includes finance, investment, human resources, tax and legal compliance. Atlantic Natural Foods also maintains the following brands and product lines:

  • Loma Linda®️ brand of iconic plant-based protein meat like alternatives
  • Loma Linda®️ brand of Meal Solutions and Meal starters
  • Neat®️ brand of gluten-free, nut-based protein alternatives
  • Kaffree Roma™️ – Leading brand of “Coffee Free” alternative beverage
  • “New” Loma Linda®️ brand of TUNO™️, plant-based & fish-free; the first plant-based seafood alternative


Freedom Foods Group North America

In partnership with Freedom Foods Group Australia, All About Healthy Foods has entered into a joint venture to expand the Freedom Foods line of functional “Made Free” products for distribution throughout North America.

The Australian leader in functional foods, Freedom Foods Group is targeting a changing consumer, bringing healthy options to consumers with flavor and wellness.

This includes a complete line of nut-based beverages, allergen and gluten-free cereals, and development of “Barley+” – the first cereal and bar that promotes natural gut health. Free Foods is also proud to present a healthy product line for children, “Messy Monkeys”.

South Seas Tuna Corporation

South Seas Tuna Corporation Limited (SSTC) is a joint venture company of FCF Fisheries Company of Taiwan and Jaczon Group of Netherlands, along with interests in PNG. Working with SSTC, AFT Holdings is working to improve factory and process optimization.

Our Services:

Backroom Administrative Group:

The San Diego offices provides resourcing oversight, supply chain and quality assurance oversight, global consolidation of strategic operational personnel, and critical business planning and analysis, acquisition support services.

Located in Baton Rouge, original home of the group, the company provides accounting, cash management, HR support, Insurance, 401K management and general fiduciary oversight.

Global Resource Management

Leading global resource management of sustainable seafood and other functional aspects, our team works to meet global “FAO” requirements and manage oversight by authorities and government bodies around the world. We work with our partners to develop a long-term strategic supply chain that includes sourcing, logistics, tracking, tracing, and quality control & oversight. Most recently, we have reinvigorated a longstanding partnership to assist Paramount Brand and Brunswick Brand in resource management of their salmon and sardine operations.

Research and Development

Creation of new foods deliveries is the cornerstone of all sustainable dedicated groups. The company provides knowledge, experience and history of successfully utilizing the resources of its global partners. It develops products for its related companies and trading partners. Between the management of the organization over 500 items have been introduced over the past 20 years.

Factory and Process Optimization

We keep factories operational and efficient. Our services in this field range from evaluation of critical processes to implementation of new equipment and establishing ongoing management. We work with teams on the ground to provide critical resources, update processes & protocols, and ensure the latest efficiencies are in place, which, in turn, boosts productivity and profitability.

Global Market Reach:

Our relationships span across the globe: from the South America to the UK, US, Mainland Europe, Asia, and beyond. Through our direct holds, trading history, and strategic partners, we leverage a global network to to provide trading capacity, item creation, product delivery, currency management, technical support, and more.