All About Healthy Foods Announces Strategic Partnership

All About Healthy Foods Announces Strategic Partnership

All About Healthy Foods announces strategic partnership, launches Loma Linda® brand of shelf stable meals as first plant-based seafood alternative into United Kingdom

All About Healthy Foods Holdings, LLC (AAHF), principal owner of  U.S.-based Atlantic Natural Foods, LLC (ANF) announced today it has entered into an agreement with Worldwide Food Associates (WFA)of Liverpool to introduce, market, and distribute the company’s iconic Loma Linda®️ products. This includes the shelf stable meal solutions and the newly launched TUNO™ plant-based seafood alternative.

Over the past 12 months, AAHF has prepared flavor profiles tailored to British palate preferences, and specific package creations for the United Kingdom.

“In Worldwide Food Associates we have found a true partner who shares our commitment to producing and distributing high-quality, sustainable, and tasty foods that are good for you and our planet,” said Chris Solly, EVP of Sales and Marketing at ANF.

WFA Managing Director Eric Woods agrees: “We’re thrilled to utilize our relationships and experience to bring shelf stable, plant-based foods to the U.K. consumer. Loma Linda® products are healthy, easy to carry, prepare in two minutes, and taste great, too.”

The Companies anticipate product launch for availability on shelf in January.

With the success of the past few months after entering the U.S. market under the ANF subsidiary, AAHF believes their products are going to change perception of Plant Protein as it is introduced in center of the grocery store.

“As we continue our journey in food development, we are pleased with the enthusiastic consumer reception of our ready-to-eat meals, and we’re exceptionally bullish on our newest creation, TUNO™️, said All About Healthy Foods chairman J. Douglas Hines. “Tuna to TUNO™️ is a culmination of years of development. Going forward, we will continue to innovate and create long-term, sustainable protein sources and resources to support growing populations around the world.”

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