AFT Holdings Updates Critical Growth Investments for 2016

AFT Holdings Updates Critical Growth Investments for 2016

It has been a productive and challenging 18 months for AFT Holdings, Inc., as the global firm has made a number of investments complimenting its food space portfolio, as well as its emerging financial and technology portfolios.

“This is a truly innovative platform that Brent and the FlowVella team have created, and it is exciting to see their product potentially reach 250 million users within a year”

From the beginning, AFT Holdings’ focus has been sustainable foods. From its 2008 investments in the largest U.S. Flag fleet of tuna vessels operating in the Western Pacific, to its initial investments in the alternative plant protein space in 2010.

“We have always focused on changing global dietary trends that will support future expansion,” said AFT Holdings Chairman J. Douglas Hines. “Our current portfolio, and our forthcoming investments, are poised to flourish as world population growth necessitates greater nutrient diversity.”

The Company is active under its current portfolio in the healthy living space, including:

  • Atlantic Natural Foods®, the leading U.S. producer of canned alternative vegetable based protein products. This portfolio has evolved from a simple co-manufacturer, to the creator of an all natural, non-GMO offering under the Caroline’s® brand, followed by three supportive acquisitions:
    • Loma Linda®, a provider of vegetable based proteins to health-conscious consumers, focused in the Seventh-day Adventist and Blue Zone communities;
    • Kaffree Roma, a coffee beverage alternative; and most recently,
    • Neat® Foods, offering 100% all-natural, innovative gluten and soy-free vegetarian/vegan foods, including the Neat Egg®.

In the technology space, the Company is a proud investor in FlowVella, a technology company founded by Brent Brookler that was at the time in the initial stages of introducing a new platform of presentation software. In late March 2016, FlowVella announced the launch of its new iPhone App for rich, multimedia presentations on the go.

Although outside the AFT Holdings’ general food space target, the FlowVella investment fit the Company’s principals of investing in good people with long-term vision, and a promising long-term market opportunity.

“This is a truly innovative platform that Brent and the FlowVella team have created, and it is exciting to see their product potentially reach 250 million users within a year,” Hines said.

“The March 22 release enables users to create experiences that go beyond slide shows, all with a small device that’s already in their pocket,” added Brent Brookler of FlowVella. “The App has already proven to be highly successful.”

FlowVella’s new App complements the company’s other two successful applications for iPad and Mac market strategy reflects a steady and sustained growth of users who prefer a mobile device.

Indeed, 2015 was the first year in which the number of “mobile-only” users exceeded “desktop-only” in the U.S. This trend favors platforms like FlowVella, which allow for content creation, sharing and consumption on the go.

With regards to the Company’s current portfolio, Hines sees two trends emerging that compliment AFT Holdings’ commitment to the future of food supply: developing technology for a new generation and increased investment in the crowdfunding platforms that will make great ideas a reality.

As such, the Company has also elected to increase its holdings in UK-based Seedrs, which offered the world’s first fully regulated equity crowdfunding platform open to investors and entrepreneurs throughout Europe. AFT Holdings’ made its initial investment the London-based startup in January 2014 and increased it in late 2015.

From leading edge technologies to forward-thinking, sustainable global food sources, 2016 indeed appears to be a breakout year for AFT Holdings, Inc.