AFT Chairman, Local Officials Attend Adventist “Blessing” of Atlantic Natural Foods Facility

AFT Chairman, Local Officials Attend Adventist “Blessing” of Atlantic Natural Foods Facility

AFT Holdings Inc. Chairman J. Douglas Hines last week joined Nashville Mayor Dr. Donald B. Street, principal members of Atlantic Natural Foods (ANF), stakeholders, and associates for a traditional Seventh-day Adventist blessing of ANF’s Nashville-based manufacturing facility.

The ceremony was held December 11 and was led by Elder Rick Russell, vice president and treasurer of the Carolina Conference of Seventh-day Adventists.

ANF, a flagship investment of AFT Holdings, Inc., acquired the Loma Linda brand of canned shelf stable plant-based, alternative meat analog, and Kaffree Roma products, this fall.

The Loma Linda brand was established in 1921 and over the years has been the leader in developing products that support the plant-based lifestyle, which has long been embraced by the Adventist community.

“Keeping our foods and diet clean and healthy allows us to continue to be of service to our communities and to the world,” Russell said. “Plant-based, sustainable protein products like Loma Linda help us lead long, healthy, and energetic lives.”

ANF CEO Kelly Krause also attended the blessing and reiterated the company’s commitment to rejuvenating Loma Linda’s legacy. “We honor the Adventist’s dedication to healthy living, and to the heritage of the iconic Loma Linda brand,” Krause said. “We plan to grow the traditional stable of Loma Linda/Worthington Foods canned products, reintroduce iconic items and create new and exciting items that will address changing consumer preferences.”

Loma Linda distributors, brokers and retailers also attended the blessing.

Hines, a principle ANF investor through his company, AFT Holdings, Inc, added, “In a world that continues to see challenges with providing animal proteins for future generations, this product provides a reliable, nourishing and sustainable plant-based protein substitute—and it tastes good!”

“With the Loma Linda acquisition, we see opportunities beyond today with double digit growth in 2015,” Hines said. “This is only the beginning.”

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